Case Study – Bulk Powders

The Challenge

Bulk Powders is the UK’s leading supplier of sports nutrition & bodybuilding supplements – stocking over 1500 products.

  • Sales are driven via the corporate website.
  • Targeting 18-30 ‘body image’ men across London, where there is the greatest concentration of gyms and customers on Bulk Powder’s database.
  • Print media had been used extensively in the fitness and bodybuilding press, but client wanted to explore higher impact and more cost-effective options to build brand awareness and drive sales online at the turn of the year when a focus is on a new fitness regime.
  • There was no production budget or investment available to consider commercial production for TV or Cinema

The Strategy

Working closely with Mohawk, the client’s creative agency, we concluded that the younger, more up-market audience on the London Underground would provide the perfect platform to deliver cut-through for the messaging as well as to target stations where there was a density of gyms.

  • The strengths of advertising on the London Underground made it the natural choice for the campaign. The combination of Dwell time, Advertising Recall and proven response rates set the activity up for success.
  • A range of creative sizes were used to multiply the touchpoints which the target audience would be exposed to, thus maximising the campaign’s average frequency. These included tube car panels, LEP’s escalator panels and cross tracks.

The Outcome

“And if you happened to be in London last month, you could hardly have failed to notice a poster for Bulk Powders, a sports supplement company, busting out all over the London Underground.”

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