What we do:

  • Integrated Media Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Media Negotiation and Buying
  • Media Sponsorship Ipswich, Norwich
  • Media Partnership Norfolk, Suffolk
  • TV, VOD, Adsmart, Digital
  • National, Regional and Local Radio, DAX and Spotify
  • Press
  • Outdoor, Transport, Mobile and London Undergroung
  • Cinema
  • Door to Door
  • Print and Production
  • Broadcast Commercial Production
  • Recruitment Advertising
  • Legal Notices

Media Managers are specialists across all media channels.

We are experts in planning TV campaigns and buying airtime. The range of opportunities to deliver powerful RoI’s using Linear TV on channels like ITV, C4 or Sky or really targeted platforms like Sky Adsmart or digital platforms like Video on Demand needs expert advice. Our experienced planners and buyers will make sure your get the best value and that your campaigns are effectively targeted on the right channels in the right programming to get the very best results.

Buying media across the wide range of Digital and Social Media channels in reality is complex. It’s been made simple by Google Adwords and Facebook or LinkedIn, but if you really want to extract the best results for your brand, make sure you talk to experts like us. The digital landscape changes rapidly and to extract maximum value from your Digital investment you need dedicated experts to guide you and take advantage of all the opportunities in the virtual world. We’ll get you clicks which turn into conversions.

Revitalise Media Investment

Maybe your media investment is working, but could it be working even more profitably?

If you are managing your media in-house, then it could be time to check you are using the best media channels, testing the latest media platforms and getting the best prices. Using Media Managers will save you time, improve your RoI and also protect you from unwanted sales calls.

Or could it be time for a change from your current agency, as they just turn the handle each year and give you the same old plans? Media Managers will take a fresh look at what you have been doing, campaign performance levels and re-calibrate to make your marketing spend really work hard.

To achieve the objectives set out in your media or marketing campaign, you need three things:

• The right expertise
• Media professionals who care about reaching those objectives
• Outstanding service levels from experienced media specialists

Expertise In Action

Media Managers has worked with big names to deliver big results. Our work has helped established companies break records in their business, drive sales at key periods and log measurable, quantifiable increases in brand awareness.


Luxury bed manufacturer Duxiana turned to Media Managers when the media exposure they’d historically relied upon stopped driving sales. We switched the focus of their media planning to online, resulting in a record-breaking month of sales.

Bulk Powders

Sometimes a single medium is enough to get your message across. Bulk Powders didn’t have the budget to produce commercials, but had a strong customer base in London. We focused on a high-impact campaign in the London Underground to maximise brand awareness and our campaign created a storm of great PR across the national press.

Anglian Water

How do you get young women interested in engineering and construction courses sponsored by a water company? That was the question Media Managers was tasked with when approached by the East of England’s flagship water company. We tapped into local press and radio to deliver a personal, accessible message.

We work hard and we work effectively.

“When approached with a brief, Media Managers works hard to meet our very specific objectives and to deliver against the stringent targets we set. The team also makes a concerted effort to understand how our company works as a whole and to meet our very high expectations of service levels. We would definitely recommend Media Managers as a media agency, especially for those companies that prefer a more personable approach.”

Netherlands Board of Tourism

Why Choose Media Managers

Media Managers is the longest-standing and most established media agency in the East of England. Unlike most agencies offering media planning services, we’re completely neutral. Our job isn’t to push you in any particular direction, but to find the right media platforms for your campaign.

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Work With The Best

Media Managers is leads the media landscape in the East of England. We have a team of in-house media planning experts that can plug the drain on your marketing budget and identify the most profitable media channels for achieving your KPIs.

Award Winning

We don’t just get the job done; we get it done so well that business leaders can’t help but take notice. Media Managers been recognised at the highest level for our work, topping Business Weekly’s New Year’s Marketing Agency ranking for the last seven consecutive years.

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PR & Social Media

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As we enter the crucial final week of Easter trade I’m delighted to report that we’ve had a few record breaking Easter sales revenue days on our new website.

Hotel Chocolat.

As we enter the crucial final week of Easter trade I’m delighted to report that we’ve had a few record breaking Easter sales revenue days on our new website.

Hotel Chocolat.

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