In the UK, almost 8 million people listen to a podcast each week.

An impressive 75% of those have acted on an advertisement or sponsored read heard in a podcast.

Listening to a podcast is a one-to-one experience shared between the listener and the Podcaster. This helps to explain the high levels of loyalty there is in downloading podcasts.

Unlike the way people engage with many forms of media, podcast listeners are usually on the move, at work or studying.

“Another wonderful thing about podcasts is that they’re easy to listen to while you’re doing something else. I often turn one on while I’m walking to class or waiting for a lecture to start, but you can also listen to them while you’re cleaning or browsing Pinterest.”

Lauren Reamy, Blogger.

Industry Insights

  • Podcast listeners are much more active on every social media channel (94% are active on at least one – vs 81% for the entire population). Source. Nielsen USA.
  • Podcast listeners are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media. Source.
  • ‘Podcasting shows explosive year-over-year growth as the total number of people in the US who have ever listened to a podcast passes 50% for the first time. Tom Webster, Senior Vice President at Edison Research. There is no doubt this stat will be replicated in the UK.

“Podcasts are the new TV shows. I spend more time talking to my friends about the podcasts we’re listening to.”

Elena Nicoloau, Blogger

What We Do

Media Managers not only plan and buy advertising campaigns on podcasts, but can produce them too. By harnessing the power of audio we can create brand awareness and engagement among your target audience in ideal environments and a cost-effective manner.

We are the most established media agency in the East of England, with almost years’ experience adapting our industry-proven knowledge to new platforms and channels.

With unique insights into Audio Media from years of launching and managing one of the country’s most successful Commercial Radio stations, we have the know-how, competence and drive to create creative, engaging and highly rated Podcasts.

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Our Podcast Services

Media Managers is committed to providing a complete podcast service through in-depth advertorial strategies that gets results. Creating relevant, targeted content and achieving successful placement on media platforms is what we do. Provide us with your brief and we’ll take care of the rest.

Podcast Advertising

92% of listeners enjoy podcasts alone. Media Managers provide an expert service that ensures your brand speaks directly to your demographic on a one-to-one level through effective, forward-thinking advertising.

Our team of professionals have the expertise to help you create innovative content that gets your business meaningful leads on the podcasts your prospects listen to.

Podcast Marketing

Podcast ads are more popular than ever, and so is the competition for ad placement. Media Managers use skill, expertise and strategy to ensure you get the marketing coverage you need through a cutting edge, creative strategy.

We account for everything from geographical location and gender to affluence to ensure you get the right kind of cost-effective coverage for your brand.

Podcast Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a traditional method of podcast advertising proven to get results–but only if done right. Media Managers does the leg work to ensure you sponsor a podcast that is relevant to your brand and will result in meaningful leads and potential sales.

Why Choose Us?

Want to hit the right note with your podcast advertising? Media Managers specialises in professional podcast services. We take a neutral approach to find the right platform for your brand, and create an in-depth marketing plan centred around your needs.

Podcast listeners are proven social media users. Enlisting the help of a professional media agency like Media Managers will help ensure that your advertising and marketing communications are all joined up across your channels, building strength across all touchpoints with your target consumers.

Commercial Production and Video

Media Managers has written and produced a huge range of commercials for our clients, both on TV and Radio. With our background in broadcast, you be sure that your commercial will be expertly project managed whilst making sure that the production values are firmly aligned to your brand equities.

We work to a wide range of budgets, as well as working with ITV and Sky to negotiate contributions to production costs. Media Managers also enjoys excellent partnerships with outstanding independent production facilities to keep budgets tight without compromising on quality.

Video has become one of the most effective ways of increasing your social media engagement and getting your brand out there, with views of branded video content on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram having skyrocketed in recent years. The power of storytelling has never been more persuasive.

Users are more likely than ever to watch, like and share media designed to target them, creating limitless possibilities for your brand. Platforms are also facilitating this, introducing live-streaming and autoplay features that give those making video content the upper hand on social channels.

Boost revenues with new audiences

Video production increases reach and boosts revenues by tapping into an ever-captive online audience. Our end-to-end social media production services include initial concepts, storyboarding, filming, editing, animation and post-production. Don’t forget that video can also be re-purposed as effective TV commercials too.

Media Planning & Buying


Podcast Services

Video & Commercial Production

Client Experience


When approached with a brief, Media Managers works hard to meet our very specific objectives and to deliver against the stringent targets we set. The team also makes a concerted effort to understand how our company works as a whole and to meet our very high expectations of service levels. We would definitely recommend Media Managers as a media agency, especially for those companies that prefer a more personable approach.

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Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions

Media Managers has set the gold standard in advertising and digital marketing across national and international markets.

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