The difference Media Managers brings from other agencies is that we have the experience and resources to look at the full picture of your brand and business.

Great marketing consultancy goes way beyond brand building and positioning, target marketing and driving sales. It starts with defining who the consumers are, what they want, understanding the competitive landscape and investing all this knowledge into your brand and proposition. and then making them aware.

As we are rooted in both marketing and in media, unlike many marketing consultants we don’t have to ask third parties about where to go to achieve more awareness and sales. We know. We have seen marketing consultants recommending advertising campaigns to their clients which are cost-ineffective and deliver high levels of audience wastage.

Put simply, our job is about defining your brand more clearly and driving sales forward.

We have worked with many brands including hotel groups, online retail, education, performing arts, food and software to identify market opportunities, analysing competitor propositions and running research studies into consumer perceptions of brands and looking at price points.

We can be engaged to work alongside company owners or senior marketers to build Brand and Marketing strategies which work. As part of our experience, we can fine-tune your customer targeting, advise and build an integrated communications strategy, identify investment needs and plan your marketing activities.

We also offer specialist coaching for organisations who need objective insights and a creative approach to solving marketing problems.
Media Managers is an award winning media marketing agency based in Suffolk with 16 years of marketing consultation experience in the region.

Complemented by our expertise and experience to advise on all aspects of marketing communications, we can work with you to create and deliver a clever, cost effective marketing communications strategy.

“Media Managers has set the gold standard in advertising and digital marketing across national and international markets.”

Rated top performing agency by Business Weekly in 2019.

A Clever, Cost-Effective and Award-Winning Service

Media Managers has the expertise to cover all marketing bases, giving you the best campaign possible.

Discover some of our success stories below:

Boosted Software Users By 456% With Paid Search

Through a multi-channel digital campaign by Media Managers, fleet management solution ABAX boosted software users by 465% and was named the fastest-growing telematics company in Europe.

We have experts who know exactly the right media title to use in the UK or overseas and negotiate the very sharpest prices.

Increased Sales By 300% With A Fully Integrated Digital Campaign

Working with Swedish luxury bed manufacturer Duxiana, we planned and executed a digital strategy aimed at boosting brand awareness across all platforms.

“I would say that Media Managers’ service levels are consistently professional, very focused on delivering a great client experience, insightful in their approach to planning our campaigns and never short of strong ideas. For clients who expect a clever, reliable and imaginative partner in their marketing communications activities, I would not hesitate in recommending Media Managers.”

Anglian Water.

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When approached with a brief, Media Managers works hard to meet our very specific objectives and to deliver against the stringent targets we set. The team also makes a concerted effort to understand how our company works as a whole and to meet our very high expectations of service levels. We would definitely recommend Media Managers as a media agency, especially for those companies that prefer a more personable approach.

Marketing Director
Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions

Media Managers has set the gold standard in advertising and digital marketing across national and international markets.

It is consistently East Anglia’s number one in all the polls that count

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