Social media can feel like a bit of a riddle. We’re here to help you solve it.

The importance of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as marketing channels is undeniable, but their exploding popularity has created an industry of opportunists claiming to be experts. If your strategy isn’t backed up by the right knowledge and experience, you can burn through and waste investment unnecessarily.

If you want a targeted, cost-effective media plan or create compelling and engaging content, we can help.

With Media Managers social media services, you can stop:

  • Paying too much for limited results
  • Feeling disconnected from your own strategy
  • Relying on ‘hit and hope’ social media marketing


The key to successful PR is using experts in the sector you operate in. Having experience and the best contacts across the media relevant to your brand and business is essential to successful campaigning.

Media Managers works with a range of exceptional PR professionals who can create outstanding content, write hard-hitting press releases, set up conferences, product launches, place stories and manage your social media.

Making sure the fit between brand, business sector and PR professional is how we work.

Clicks that turn into conversions

Getting seen is one thing. Turning this into increased sales revenue is another entirely. Media Managers’ social campaigns have a proven track record of not only boosting brand awareness, but bringing in new customers.


Targeting fleet managers by leveraging interest in the Euro 2016 championships may seem a bit out there, but you can’t argue with the results. Our multi-channel campaign generated a 365% increase in visitors to ABAX fleet management systems’ website.


When you’ve exhausted your existing channels, where can you turn? To social media, apparently. We helped Duxiana shift to 100% online marketing with a powerful paid and organic social campaign, which resulted in record-breaking January sales.

Why choose Media Managers

Media Managers is the longest-standing social media agency in the East of England. We combine decades of marketing experience with cutting-edge digital skills to deliver record-breaking results for our clients.

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Strategy in safe hands

Media Managers has industry-proven experience of achieving the best possible results with any brief, on any deadline and any budget. Whatever your social media goals are, our in-house team of experts can help you reach them.

Recognised by the industry

Our focus is always on the work we deliver for clients. But it’s nice to know that our peers are paying attention, too. We set the standard for social media agencies in the region, having come first in Business Weekly’s New Year’s Honours Image Makers list for the last seven consecutive years.

Goal-oriented social media

Too often, social media services are focused on abstract ideas like awareness and visibility. We quantify these terms and apply industry-proven research techniques to get the results you’re after. Everything we do is in line with your KPIs and designed to deliver on the brief.

Bringing clients on the journey

Social media is complicated. If you’re not used to using it as a marketing channel, you can end up feeling like you don’t know what’s going on. Media Managers’ process is highly collaborative, working with you to develop the strategy, evidence our work and demonstrate results.

Work within your budget

Have you ever been over-charged for social media services? You’re not alone. With Media Managers, you can avoid feeling swindled by a so-called expert. We have a track record of squeezing the best results out of any budget and we have no interest in making you spend on services you don’t need.

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Stop relying on social media services that cost too much and achieve too little. Get help from an expert social media agency today. Contact Media Managers.

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When approached with a brief, Media Managers works hard to meet our very specific objectives and to deliver against the stringent targets we set. The team also makes a concerted effort to understand how our company works as a whole and to meet our very high expectations of service levels. We would definitely recommend Media Managers as a media agency, especially for those companies that prefer a more personable approach.

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Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions

Media Managers has set the gold standard in advertising and digital marketing across national and international markets.

It is consistently East Anglia’s number one in all the polls that count

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