As much as we all groan ‘it’s only October’ people are researching now for their Christmas purchases and according to one survey 30% of people in the U.K. have already bought their first present (Nb. we’re not this organised)!

However there is still time to make sure your marketing strategy is Christmas ready for the big uplift in November, so here is our quick Christmas marketing checklist:

  • Plan your festive promotions schedule across all media channels for a more impactful and successful ROI. No single channel will give you the same results as a combined, co-ordinated campaign. Consistency in message and continuous touch points will make sure your products or services are never far away.
  • Optimise key dates. The timing is essential for your marketing strategy in the run up to Christmas so maximise on the festive sales trends, for example ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. In 2016 Black Friday was the biggest e-commerce day in the UK, so why wouldn’t you capitalise on this?
  • Create festive content around your brand message. Christmas holds a special place in people’s hearts and tis the season to be jolly! Build on this and communicate across all media with an aim to build an emotional brand connection with customers. Christmas really is an opportune season to not only engage loyal consumers but also gain new ones.
  • Be compelling on social media. The influence of social media on purchasing decisions is stronger than ever at Christmas. More than two thirds of all UK Twitter users are likely to purchase from a business they follow and 66% of users have seen something on their newsfeed that prompted them.
  • Focus on attracting the right sort of buyers to your website through online advertising and by optimising your brand’s presence on search engines. Use Google AdWords to conduct seasonal keyword research to create a more effective campaign and capitalise on the increased search traffic in the run up to Christmas.
  • Plan your e-communications tactically rather than one size fits all. Segment your database according to your customer profiles and strategically target with personalised messaging. You will see a greater ROI.
  • A good database saves your marketing budget. Increased traffic on your website during this period provides great data capture opportunities. Offer incentives such as members of your database receive discounts or releasing products/services to the members exclusively to reward loyalty.
  • Check your website is mobile friendly, as this is the fastest growing channel. This year 42% of all consumers and 60% of millennials plan to do more Christmas shopping on mobile.
  • Make sure the checkout process on your website is seamless to avoid abandoned baskets. If there are too many steps involved people give up, so check your customer journey. It is also worthwhile having a basket abandonment campaign in place to recapture any escapees.
  • Encourage satisfied customers to post reviews online. Read our blog on ’10 Reasons why you need to engage with review sites’

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