By Ellie Banahan

Facebook Logo

Recently Facebook launched their new initiative, Workplace by Facebook, which is designed specifically for businesses. Keen to learn more about the new platform, I’ve been taking a look to see what it has to offer.

Workplace by Facebook primarily revolves around the idea of a company creating an account and then adding employees to enable and promote company-wide collaboration. The biggest fear for employees is whether their personal profiles will be associated, but Workplace by Facebook assures profiles are kept completely separate.

So, what can you do on Workplace by Facebook?

• Follow colleagues to see their updates in your newsfeed and access contact details easily.
• Create groups for different divisions within the company for different projects. A great place to discuss ideas and share documents with one another, in one place.
• Create multi company groups – a good resource for local Chambers of Commerce for example, to share news about events, ideas and discussion points.
• Create company events, such as your annual Christmas party or an internal meeting. A neat asset is a discussion tab on the event to allow people to share their thoughts before and after the event has taken place.
• Through the use of live video, employees can attend an external event and stream to the whole company while they are there.
• Workchat (the equivalent to messenger) connects you with any co-worker at the drop of a hat. And you can add others to join in the conversation too. Files can be shared over this app and should you wish to see your colleagues face, you can video chat too.

Who is signed up?

Some big names such as Oxfam, RBS, and Save the Children already use Workplace. There are also numerous testimonials about the business social network which show how different companies have used various features.

The cost

Although the Workplace and Workchat apps are free to download for Android and iPhone users, the service does come at a cost. There is a monthly fee for each company per active user which is dependent on the number of active users which the company has. To sign up for Workplace by Facebook, companies must first submit a request. All pricing and how to submit a request can be found at

Will Workplace by Facebook take off? The main competitor to Workplace is LinkedIn; however the two networks do have different features. LinkedIn also has the advantage of being free and the cost of Workplace may cause businesses to be wary.

Would you look into Workplace? Let us know your thoughts.[/fusion_text]