As consumers we all have a natural anxiety when committing our hard earned money and want reassurance. In the era of fake news and mis-selling scandals who can you trust to tell you the truth?

Review sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp and Google provide the ideal place to find out the opinions and experiences of other people first. These opinions can give potential customers the confidence to hand over their credit card details or alternatively save them from a costly mistake. Review sites are providing that push factor more and more in purchase decisions….and no business can afford to ignore this.

So here are our top 10 reasons why you need to engage with review sites;

  1. Online consumer reviews are the second most trusted source of brand information with 70% of global customers indicating they trust online reviews (Nielsen).
  2. Far fewer customers actually write reviews than read them (Sensis report that only 27% of respondents posted reviews). It is therefore vital to engage with customers who do post reviews as their opinions will influence so many other people.
  3. Reviewers who post regularly may share their opinions over several social media platforms and can act as ‘Brand Influencers’ amongst their followers.
  4. Online reviews are word of mouth advertising. Each review can provide a form of free, targeted advertising that you might never be able to afford through traditional marketing channels.
  5. The opinions of real customers speak for the brand in a way that is viewed as authentic and honest and give your brand credibility.
  6. Positive reviews provide potential customers who don’t trust traditional media with the confidence they need to make purchasing decisions.
  7. Reviews can influence search engine results. Google take into account how many times your brand name is mentioned in reviews; the more it is mentioned the higher up the search engine results it is likely to appear.
  8. Comments posted online provide valuable customer feedback which is free. This may suggest areas of improvement that can help you to develop your business and gain more customers.
  9. Brand image: responding publicly and engaging with those who have had experience with your business demonstrates transparency and believability. In doing this builds trust and confidence in your brand.
  10. Digital savvy businesses encourage customers to post reviews online because it is not only a budget friendly and effective form of advertising but it can also be a data capture opportunity.

Our overall advice is do not ignore the power of review sites- take control and manage feedback from customers.

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