You don’t! Then the bad news is you are probably missing out, and the good news is you don’t need to read this.

You do! Then please read on, because from September 2017 Google AdWords is changing how it tracks website conversions.

But why?

There are many reasons and opinions, but we believe it is a first step to better reflect the multi device world we live in. For some time the usage of mobile (web) has been flagged as the user device of choice (Mobile web usage overtakes desktop for first time from and world leading organisations like Deloitte have done great insight about future trends (TMT Predictions 2017 from

The bottom line is that judging the effectiveness on only one device is a recipe to be left behind your competitors, and probably more importantly your customers.

So Google Adwords is introducing ‘modeled conversions’ which will estimate conversions that you were unable to measure; AdWords will use current and past data on the number of people who’ve clicked your ads and later converted on your website – for the time being these will only be available for Google Search and Shopping ads. They will not be available for Display, Video and AdSense for search.

We believe that this will eventually be added to the entire suit of Google AdWords and for Display view-through conversions or for cross-device conversions, which will give you a much more holistic view of how users interact when combined with Google Analytics.

What impact will it have?

As with all new things it will take time to bed in, so we, as do Google, recommend that you monitor your conversion reports over the next few months and consider making any necessary changes to your bids. You may want to adjust your KPI’s during this time to compensate, as Google advised there may be under reported conversions.

What changes do I need to make to my site?
1. None you can chose to opt out and miss on the greater insight.
2. Update your privacy policies and information about the data you collect on your website.

We recommend that you liaise with whomever deals with Google Adwords within your organisation or externally to ensure you and they are clear on its impact to your business. If you wish to discuss or seek advice in respect of the contents please contact  01234 245569