By Peter Bradley

Does the digital world crash into your everyday? These top tips could help you: Three

  1. Content Management Systems (CMS).

Now who doesn’t love a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) CMS. Allegedly they’re simple, stylish and so easy to operate. That may well be true but recently some clients have wanted to get fairly minor tweaks done that have involved revising their Google Analytics code – these have highlighted issues you just don’t want one grate issue (not a misspell – it did grate) was that the CMS platform automatically added their own Google Analytics to the clients site.  Read the T&C’s it was in there if you looked hard enough.

  1. Try social media ads for a change – boosting

Now we are not talking full scale ad campaigns they are involved and need expertise to get the best from (our speciality – what a coincidence). But back to the matter in hand, we recently gave this advice (boosting posts and tweets). They used their social to tell people about offers, prices, new products, old products, offers on new or old products, cats doing crazy stuff…you get the picture. And as fun as this was their fans and followers were getting less responsive (dare we say bored) BUT they boosted and promoted reached ‘000’s of new never seen the brand before. Grew the social media bases and sold stuff – kerrching!!

  1. Horses for courses

Google Analytics is the main web analytics tool with 80%+ market share – the price helps £0.00+VAT. But we recently compared our site visitors from Facebook via Google Analytics with Facebook Analytics – yes you can add Facebook Analytics to every page of your site. Get over the fact that Google and Facebook can amass and assimilate the data using it within the realms of ‘data decency’; it’s worth it if you invest in marketing of any form as it would appear that the behaviour we observed from Facebooks Analytics had key differences which helped us understand how to use Facebook more effectively.

So to recap.

CMS – make sure you know their limits and read T&C’s.

Expand your reach quickly and relatively cheaply – do keep an eye on default spend levels there normally a day with no end date.

Use the best ‘free’ tools for the job.